Alex Bryant

Alex Bryant is a defensive back for the panthers. Alex is a hard worker and the hardest hitter for the panthers. Constantly staying after hitting the gym and watching film. Recently we asked Alex to reflect on his senior career. 

1.) Favorite memory as an athlete? 

  • Playing Clinton as a Senior. 

2.) What would you tell a younger athlete looking up to you? 

  • Take advantage of every opportunity.

3.) Any regrets as an athlete?

  • Quitting before my junior year. 

4.) What lessons have you learned as an athlete?

  • Sometimes you got to swallow your pride to earn respect. 

5.) What do you plan to do after high school? 

  • Go to work. 

Come watch Alex and his fellow teammates face the Comets tonight at 7 p.m., at the Heber Springs Stadium for senior night. 

Senior activities will start at 6:30 as well. 

Go Panthers!