Photo By: Richard Sharp

Dalton Hall is a newly acquired panther looking to make hard hitting plays and motivate his teammates into making big plays. He made his way into the starting lineup as a outside linebacker but has sense been moved to defensive end for his speed and ferocity. He is also a member of the Sr. High Basketball team as a shooting guard or point guard. 

What's your favorite memory as an athlete?

  • When I scored my first touchdown, I did a front flip... then they called it back. 

Any regrets as an athlete?

  • I would say not moving to Heber soon enough. 

How do you make practice fun?

  • I am always screaming and hyping my teammates up at all times. 

What lessons have you learned?

  • Always respect your coaches and give 100% no matter what. 

What do you plan to do after High School?

  • Go to college, hopefully still playing football. 

Come watch Dalton and his fellow teammates tomorrow night at Lonoke High School. 

Game starts at 7:00 p.m. Be there to support and cheer on your Sr. High Panthers Football team. 

Go Panthers!