Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running - Parker Ables

Parker Ables is a 4 year All-State athlete for the Heber Springs Cross Country team. He is a huge asset for the team. He is a dedicated worker and will stop at nothing to win. Recently, we interviewed Parker reflecting on how he wants his senior your to be like. 

  • What's your Motivational Quote?

Pain is temporary.

  • How do you make practice fun?

It can't be fun, but thinking of the reward. 

  • Who are some contributors to your success as an athlete?

Coach Goldman, Coach Cresswell and family who comes to support me. 

  • What lessons have you learned as an athlete?

Putting in the time is worth it. 

  • What do you plan to do after high school?

Going to college at Oklahoma Baptist to run for them.

Come watch Parker and his fellow teammates today at JPM.

Go Panthers!