Blaze "The Beast" Nelson

Blaze Nelson is a senior at Heber Springs High. He is a Captain for the Panthers. Nelson plays as a running back and linebacker, he is also known as an outstanding hard worker, a leader to the football team. Recently, we asked Blaze some interview questions about his high school athletic career. 

What is your favorite memory as an HSHS Athlete? 

  • When JJ blocked a kid, I got the ball and scored. 

Do you have any regrets as an athlete? 

  • I started working out too late. 

How do you make practice fun?

  • I like to feed off of others energy, get hyped up. 

Who are some contributors to your success as an athlete? 

  • My brother, because he played football growing up also, and I want to make him proud. 

What lessons have you learned as an athlete?

  • Discipline. 

Come watch Blaze and all the other Panthers tonight as they take on the Greenbrier Panthers. 

Game time @7:00 p.m. right here at Home! 

Go Panthers!