Ison's Legacy

Delaney Ison is a two sport athlete at Heber Springs. She is a cheerleader and a golfer. This season, she is the girls #1 golfer. Recently we asked her various questions about her athletic career as a Panther.

What is your favorite memory as an HSHS athlete?

  • I have loved making friends from Heber And also other schools that we play. I have made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories with these people.

What lessons have you learned as a panther?

  • Always try your hardest no matter what. Always give all you have because you never know when you will not be able to do it anymore.

Who are some contributors to your success?

  • Coach Stark, Coach Riddle, Mrs. Thomas, and my parents. They have always been there to push me to be my absolute best.

What would you tell a younger athlete looking up to you?

  • Do it and have no regrets.  Always play it is your last chance.

What is your game day ritual? 

  • I just make sure and show up. Hopefully everything else works out.