Stoggsdill Sets and Scores

Gabby Stoggsdill is a two sport athlete at Heber Springs. She plays volleyball and is on the dance team. She has competed since her freshman year. Recently, we interviewed her and asked her various questions about her career.

What is you're favorite memory as an HSHS panther?

  • My favorite memory would have to be hitting my first serve. It was such a great memory because I was with all my great teammates and I got to help contribute to what would be my first victory.

Who motivates you to preform your best?

  • My teammates and coaches motivate me because they are always there for me and push me to be my best no matter what!

What lessons have you learned as a panther?

  • I learned that you have to put trust in your teammates, but also have to know what you are capable of on your own.

What would you tell a younger athlete looking up to you?

  • I would say work hard in practice and play every game like it is your last!

What is your game day ritual?

  • I like to dress nice and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Do you have any regrets as an athlete?

  • One time I accidentally left my knee pads at home. Let's just say I never made that mistake again.

Finally, what is you're favorite motivational quote?

  • If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

Gabby's talents will be on full display in her final year as a panther. Come watch her tonight as they play Rose Bud at Rambler arena.