Dew was Vital Part of Panther Success

Nate Dew # 34 LB

What is your biggest accomplishment and why?

My biggest accomplishment would be getting all conference because I think the people we play are great athletes. 

Who are some contributors to your success?

My teammates 

What goals did you accomplish with your team this season?

Winning conference camps 

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

My brother because I always want to be better than my brother                                          

What's the toughest thing you had to overcome in order to reach your goals?

When I broke my arm

What would you tell a younger athlete that looked up to you?                                                   

Hit them as hard as you can you have to protect yourself

What was your game day ritual?

Get all my pads laid out then get taped up then listen to music then put everything on

What is your favorite motivational quote?

Do something no one thought you could do