Bryant Looks to Lead Panthers to Another Postseason

What is your biggest accomplishment and why?

My biggest accomplishment was probably when i was fourteen, i had to do a short sermon in front of my church. I was shaking and studied my lesson for two weeks ahead of time. After i was done i had at least ten little old ladies hug me in tears telling me how proud of me they were. 

Who are some contributors to your success?

My mom’s boss and his wife, I call them my grandparents to other people. But I’ve never met such good hearted, loving people in my life. They see potential in me that others never have. So they are constantly pushing to me to strive to be the best. When it comes to softball, Trey Miller has been a HUGE impact. He was taught me for years now, and i have to say just about everything i know i have learned from him. He legitimately cares and that makes me not only want to succeed for myself, but for him too.

What goals did you wish to accomplish with your team this season?

This season I want my team to play every game with heart. I love to win, but it isn’t about postseason as much as it is being able to play the game I love with the girls I love.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

My greatest inspiration is my big brother when it comes to sports. He was a star football player and loved the game beyond words. You could always see how much passion he had through his performance. That’s what i want people to see whenever they watch me play.

What's the toughest thing you had to overcome in order to reach your goals?

I would say the toughest thing to overcome was myself. I have extremely high standards and a whole lot of heart. Sometimes it seems like too much. When I push myself to overcome my flaws i can accomplish just about anything.

What would you tell a younger athlete that looks up to you?

I would tell them to practice, you’re never too cool to put work in. I’d also tell them to take their time, it seriously flies by. Don’t wish away time and not appreciate every play you make or every hit you get. It doesn’t matter how good you are, one day you’ll make your last.

What is your game day ritual?

My game day ritual usually includes eating breakfast (which i never do), I set my uniform out with my socks that i haven’t washed since sophomore year when we won conference, I pray at least three times that day, I eat a bag of flamin’ hot cheetos, and then i get ready for game time.

What is your favorite motivational quote?

When it comes to softball something I always love to refer to is “Your only limit is you”. I really like this because as long as you push yourself you can be or do whatever you want. No one holds you back but yourself.