How to make a deposit to your child’s meal account:

1. Go on-line to pay with a credit or debit card 24/7.

The ezschoolpay.com on-line payment system instructions are printed on the back of this paper. You can also go HERE for instructions. Each separate transaction cost $3.00.

2.Payment can be made on the school cafeteria by students or parents.

Students can pay daily, weekly, or deposit an amount and use from that amount for meals. Middle and high school students can inquire about the balance in their account at any time. Cashiers in those buildings will tell the student when they are getting low. Elementary students will receive a written notice sent home with the student on Monday and Thursday if their account is negative.

3. Send a deposit with your elementary child to give to their teacher.

We pick up the deposits every morning with the lunch count. The money will be in the account by the lunch meal.

4.Drop off money for your child’s account at the school office.

Deposits are picked up daily by 9 am and put in your child’s account. If the money is dropped off close to meal time, the deposit will go in the next day.

5.A deposit can be dropped off at Central Office (Administration Office).

Please note that deposits dropped off close to meal time will go in the account the next day.

6.Mail a deposit made payable to Heber Springs Food Service.

The address is 1100 West Pine Street Heber Springs, AR 72543. Remember to write your child’s name and ID number on the check.

Use ezschoolpay to log into your child’s account and check the account balance free. The $3.00 charge only applies if you make an on-line deposit. Use the numbers 1202 added to the beginning of your child’s 5 digit lunch number. An example would be 120212345.

Payment very seldom gets put in the wrong account. We encourage payment by check in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and ID number. Checks are easier to trace if a mistake occurs. Cash is welcome but is harder to find if it is accidentally put in the wrong account.

Call (501) 362-6712, option 5 or e-mail me at bonnie.webber@hssd.k12.ar.us to make a transfer of money from one child’s account to another. You can also request balances or an explanation of charges using this number. I can also help with questions or concerns you may have about the free/reduced lunch application. Leave a message if I am not in the office and I will return your call.

Breakfast in all schools - $1.50

Lunch in Elementary $2.90

Lunch in Middle School - $2.90

Lunch in High School - $3.20

Extra Milk Purchase – 40 cents

Click HERE to find the charge policy for the current school year.